University of Michigan Law School Bowling League

The "Dirt Knapps": Me, Sarah Williams, Seth Drucker, and Tina Juntunen.

Unbeknownst to most in the legal world, University of Michigan Law Students do not spend their free time poring over recent Supreme Court decisions or memorizing boring statutes. Oh no.

They go bowling.

The U of M Law Bowling League consists of 30 teams who do battle Thursday nights at Colonial Lanes in Ann Arbor. They participate for fabulous, fabulous prizes, as well as the right to represent the Law School in the end-of-semester showdown with the best team from the Business School.

And of course, beer.

Tina and Seth, sizing up the competition.

Tina, getting money for our secret strategy: intoxicate the enemy.

Seth, the strategist.


Bowling. It's all about the booze.

Seth and me, orchestrating the turns.

Our secret weapon: Sarah the Spy.

Our other secret weapon: Tina's mind-control-ray eyes.

After the battle (and the alcohol).

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