Summer Road Trips- 2001

Thanks to five years of seniority and a very understanding boss, summer 2001 saw me gallivanting around the globe. I headed off first on an impromptu trip to Peru in late April, then followed that up in late May with a trip to the Napa valley in California (those pictures are on separate pages; if you're interested, follow the links in the preceding sentence). In early July, I went to Boston to attend the week-long housewarming party at my parents' new home. Finally, in late July, I set off on a Rocky Mountain vacation with my girlfriend, Kathy. We started out in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, then went north to Jackson, Wyoming (home of Grand Teton National Park) and Yellowstone National Park. Afterwards, we continued on to Glacier National Park in Montana (the greatest place on earth). Before we left for home, we went further North into the Canadian Rockies, to Banff National Park and Jasper National Park (in case you can't tell, I like camping in national parks).

My first catch on a deep-sea fishing trip, off the coast of Gloucester, Mass.

Catch number 2.

With the First Mate, cleaning fish fast enough to make you seasick.

Back in the Gloucester with my mother, Uncle Don, stepdad, and cousin Steven.

At a scenic overlook in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Post-fishing at Mills Lake in RMNP.

At the start of a damn gorgeous trail.

In amongst the Aspens.

At a scenic spot on a quiet trail.

By the mighty Colorado River, at a spot where it's not so mighty.

Kathy and Me, at the traihead to Alberta Falls.

A dual self-portrait.

A moose taking a bath.

At RMNP, you can actually camp above the clouds.

In the Tetons.


Guess where?

At Hidden Lake, in Glacier National Park.

Kathy, on the shore of Lake McDonald.

Scoping out a fishing spot on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River.

A VERY breezy day at Sun Point, St. Mary Lake.

Yet another fish, caught the REAL way- on a fly rod.

Catch and RELEASE...

Avalanche Gorge.

A hungry native (and yes, we read the signs!).

Avalanche Lake.

A baby mountain goat.

Cameron Lake, on a day-trip across the border to Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada.

A very cool cloudscape over Lake McDonald.

Trying to catch a fish without falling in (or being swept away).

Kathy's big catch.

In the "kitchen", before dinner.

At the Provincial Gardens in Banff.


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