Whitewater Rafting

During my "West Coast Road Trip" in 1997, I went just about everywhere you can go out west. I visited the Badlands, Black Hills, Zion National Monument, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore; I camped in Glacier National Park; I swam in the Great Salt Lake; I gambled in Vegas; and I lived it up in L.A.

Perhaps one of the most exhilarating experiences I had (and one of the few for which I have pictures stemming beyond just landscapes) was whitewater rafting in Montana. Glacier National Park is the most beautiful place that I have ever visited, and whitewater rafting through it provided an even more spectacular experience.

Overlooking the fact that the air temp never made it to 60, the water temp was 38, and I had never rafted before, one can easily see how great this felt. In these pictures, I am in the very front of the boat on the left (the "leader position"- everybody in the raft took their stroke cues from me). I was very cold and very wet by the end of it all, but WHAT A RUSH!

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