Alaska 2003

My Summer 2003 road trip saw me taking a family trip to Alaska. We spent a couple of days in Juneau, a couple more in Ketchikan. We fished a total fo three days.

The first day we caught a charter flight out to a secluded area to do some fly fishing. Day 2 we did a deep sea charter and hauled in some nice king salmon. Day three was another puddle jumper flight out to a beautiful area.

I promise more narrative is to come, but for now, I hope you like the pictures!

On the flight to Juneau.

Mendenhall Glacier, which is actually in the Juneau city limits.

Kathy, dangerously close to taking a cold swim...

Me, chilly.

Andrew, Me, Don, and Don Jr. preparing for a day's fly fishing.

Kathy and me in front of an Alaskan taxi.

Our hike from the sea plane...

An over-the shoulder shot of an unlucky fish.

My first salmon of the day.

A line of fishers.

Don and Andrew- with two on at once.

Anudda fish.

A pretty trout.

Fishing Day 2: heading out on the deep sea charter.

The same, in the wind and spray.

Kathy's big catch- a 30 lb. chinook (king) salmon.

Our crew and catch from the charter.

Kathy, her fish, and Ivan (our charter captain).

My (relatively puny) king (chinook) salmon.

Day 3- sunrise, from our charter plane.

Andrew, finding a quiet spot .

The rapids into which my digital camera eventually went for a swim (thus ending the photo journal).

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