Acadia National Park - 2002

My planned Summer 2002 road trip to Rocky Mountain National Park led to an unusual place: Maine.

Kathy and I had driven eighteen hours, and were already in the state of Colorado, when we got word that her grandfather had passed away. So, only 90 minutes from our destination, we made a U-turn on I-80 and headed back home. After the funeral, Kathy and I spent a few days in Northern Michigan as a substitute vacation. Then, with Kathy's vacation time expended, I set off in search of as much adventure as my dwindling days of summer vacation would allow. Since I had always wanted to visit Acadia, and the northeast was about as far as I could get with the time I had left, I had my answer.

For those of you unfamiliar with Acadia, it features lots of great ocean views, an island that is only accessible at low tide, and of course, the tourist town of Bar Harbor. Throw in a few cheap lobsters and some gorgeous hiking, and you've got a perfectly fine substitute vacation.

After Acadia, I zipped over to White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire for a few more days of camping. Unfortunately, due to camera troubles, I wasn't able to get any pictures there. Thus, all the images that follow come from Acadia.

The chilly Maine ocean crashing up on the chilly Maine sand.

Me, chilly.



Posing as an Australian is a great way to get random strangers to "take a snap for the blokes back 'ome"...


Lobster buoys rolling in the surf.

At a scenic spot on a quiet trail.

(Insert joke here).

Seagulls sunning themselves (those white spots in the middle).

Bar Harbor.

On the path to the island that is only passable at low tide.

On a very high trail (looking curiously constipated).

More of the same (minus the curious constipation).

A marshy area.

Serenity, part 2.

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